11 fun facts about the Russian language that will amaze you

When the lockdown blues first hit in 2020, people adopted various coping mechanisms. Bake breads, brew a cup of foamy Dalgona coffee, play endless tricks among us – you name it! And when the guilt of not being productive struck, one of the most common hobbies became learning a new language. 13 Interesting Facts About The English Language That Will Make You Say “WOAH! “

French, Spanish, Korean, German, the list is endless. So today we’re going to break down 11 fun facts about a not-so-famous but equally fascinating language: Russian! Prepare to be hit by full-fledged Russophilia with these fun, absurd, and simply fascinating facts!

1. The most widely used language in Eurasia!

With 170 million native speakers and another 130 million from former USSR republics, Russian is the 8th most spoken language in the world. The enormous size of Russia has led to native Russian speakers covering the greatest geographic reach of any Eurasian language!

2. The Russian language pays special attention to the color blue

Some languages ​​do not even differentiate between blue and green, but Russia carefully divides the color blue into dark shades and light shades. Russian speakers can therefore categorize and differentiate shades of blue better than native English speakers.

3. Aversion to the letter A!

Native Russian words almost never begin with the letter a / A. When a Russian word begins with the letter a / A, it is most likely an appropriation of Western languages.

4. The Russian language has its own unique script!

The Russian script is called Cyrillic or Azbuka, and it became the third recognized script of the European Union in 2007.

5. There are English words of Russian origin!

Bolshevik, cosmonaut, mammoth, pogrom, samovar, sputnik, tsar and vodka are some popular examples.

6. The enigma of the present

Russian is unique in that the verb “to be” exists, but it is never used in the present tense. Instead, it is used to specify the past or the future.

7. The language of space!

The ISS computer system uses both English and Russian, and astronauts are required to have a working knowledge of Russian as part of their training. Astronauts even stay with locals in Moscow to learn local lingo.

8. Recognition at the UN

Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic and English are the six official languages ​​of the United Nations.

9. Russian has less than half the number of words as English!

There are only about 200,000 words in the Russian language. Russians actually use very few of these words, and this is because many words have more than one meaning.

10. 1 in 10 Russian words looks like English

For example, проблема (pronounced “problem”) means “problem”, and кофе (pronounced “kofi”) means “coffee”.

11. Russian middle names vary by gender!

Russian names consist of a first name, last name and patronymic name. The suffix ovich or evich is added to the father’s name for boys, and ovna or evna for girls.

If you are looking to learn this fascinating and unique language, audio course material is the best way to do it. RussianPod101 and Rocket Russian are the go-to podcasts and audio lessons, respectively. Glossika Russian is another famous student guide. So if you’ve ever been fascinated by Tolstoy’s War and Peace, here’s your chance to pick up your book and learn!

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