How good is bank’s credit card?

Bank Good Finance’s credit card is a card that is completely exempt from annual fees, gives you up to 45 days interest-free credit and has a credit limit of max USD 100,000. It also benefits you who often fly with Norwegian because its Cashpoints can be converted into air travel and it is excellent, but […]

Credit for civil servants.

Civil servants enjoy a high reputation in society. After all, they have what everyone wants: a permanent, permanent and crisis-proof job. No official ever has to worry about his job, because once you have achieved official status, you can only get rid of it if you are at fault. For this reason, civil servants are […]

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness

With debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness, all consumers have the chance not to unnecessarily strain their creditworthiness and to worsen it even further. Loans that are too expensive always lead to problems and can be associated with the result that debt is too high if the monthly installments are too high or a necessary deferral […]