8 free online Spanish lessons for children

Maybe you want to take advantage of all that extra time you spend at home with your child and want them to learn something totally new. Or maybe you want your child to (finally) be able to communicate with his abuelita (Grandmother). If you’ve been thinking about improving your child’s Spanish skills, these 8 free online spanish lessons for kids, they’ll be speaking fluently enough in no time.

If you want to improve your child’s bilingual skills, there is no better language than Spanish. It is spoken by an estimate 43 million people in the United States as their first languageBabbel reported. So it’s no wonder that Spanish is the second most popular language in the United States., according to the Pew Research Center. But classes with a private tutor can be very expensive, and many online courses can be expensive as well. So, learning Spanish (or any other foreign language for that matter) may seem like something that will unfortunately have to wait. The point is, studies show that early exposure to a second language can help with fluency, as the BBC reported. That’s why free online courses (like the ones below, most of which include options for beginners and beyond for kindergarten and up) will get your child talking. el spanish like a native. What good!


Learn Spanish for Kids – Bilingual Kidspot

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This free online series in spanish has six lessons for early learners. Your child will master greetings, be able to identify body parts and objects, learn to count, know the difference between family members such as the tia and the prima, and be able to tell you his crush colors. Each lesson has a goal that your child should work towards.


Free Spanish Online

In the Free online Spanish learning platform, there are different levels for your child to choose from. Each level is quite substantial (Level 1, for example, has 21 lessons ranging from seasons to songs, seasons, and school supplies). There are coloring pages and worksheets to make the learning experience muy divertido (a lot of pleasure)!



DuoLingo doesn’t just want to teach your child Spanish; he wants to know why they are learning (i.e. for school, to converse with friends and family, or because you hope to immerse yourself in a bit of culture) and tailor their classes accordingly. You’ll choose a daily goal (think 5-20 minutes per day) and take a test to see how your skills rank. Lovely little illustrations accompany each lesson.


121 Spanish

Intended for all ages 5 and up, 121 Spanish offers online courses to educate your child. But unlike other online courses, you’ll be working with a real live tutor to improve your child’s Spanish skills. You can sign up for a free trial class (prices start at $ 12 per 50-minute session after that), but 121 Spanish also offers free learning materials for kids.



Use music as a method of teaching children, Rockalingua offers many free online courses for children. They can read with a very hungry dinosaur, sing songs on trips (and even download song lyrics and print coloring pages that accompany the music), and much more with this learning site simple and fun Spanish.


123 Teach me

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From worksheets and flashcards to reading comprehension and videos, there are so much Spanish content to choose from on 123 Teach Me. Your child can hone their reading comprehension, learn the alphabet, and even play cute video games when they’re finished with their lesson.


Spanish for you!

Your child can master Spanish with these mini Spanish course for you!including fun games like ‘Fill Your Backpack’ or ‘Day of the Dead’. There is also a prayer lesson where your child can learn the “Our Father”.


University tutors

Varsity Tutors offers a wide range of courses in everything from computer science to social studies. But they also offer Spanish courses for children, consisting of one-hour live sessions lasting 3-4 weeks. Your child will learn the basics of conversational Spanish, how to count and animal names, among other topics.

Learning Spanish can be a fun activity that you and your child do together. And with so many free online options, you’ll be able to communicate with each other in a whole new and exciting way.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb