AlmaU and HKU Law Launch Russian Version of World’s Largest FinTech Online Course on edX


“Introduction to Fintech” is the world’s largest online FinTech course hosted by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) on the edX platform with over 100,000 learners from 209 countries.

Almaty University of Management (AlmaU) and HKU, through its HKU-Standard Chartered Foundation FinTech Academy, LiteLab @ HKU and the Faculty of Law, have launched a Russian version of the online course on the edX platform, supported by the Astana International Financial Center of Kazakhstan. – Technical center.

“Introduction to Fintech” comprises six modules on subjects such as the basics of “FinTech” and “RegTech”, the particularities of the circulation of electronic money, blockchain technologies, intelligent regulation, artificial intelligence in finance, the financial ecosystem, the activities of financial organizations and startups. As part of the course, leading practitioners, experts, researchers, and academics provide trainees the opportunity to learn about historical milestones and cutting-edge advances in financial technology.

“It is very exciting to work with Almaty Management University in Kazakhstan to expand the reach of our FinTech education to learners in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. We hope that the launch of the Russian language course will serve as a catalyst for further collaboration and knowledge exchange in the region, ”said Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Law Professor at HKU. Professor Arner leads the HKU FinTech team which also offers a professional FinTech certificate hosted on the edX platform.

For his part, MFCA Tech hub board vice chairman Bekzhan Mutanov said: “By transforming the financial sector, fintech is legitimately transforming our daily lives. Financial technologies dramatically reduce the “costs” of financial institutions to the detriment of the gradual automation of many processes, including reducing the cost of the financial services provided. Significantly increases the speed of service and their customer focus. Thus, by properly disposing of a wide variety of data, financial technology companies are able to personally retrieve financial products for each client. Therefore, it is important to present the skills necessary for young professionals from undergraduate degrees. Tech Hub of the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) is a partner in the project. He is responsible for developing “a more diverse and better informed fintech space in Kazakhstan”.

“AlmaU’s participation in this project has created new areas of growth, exchanging experiences and knowledge in areas as promising and relevant as FinTech and RegTech. We believe that the presented Russian version will increase the availability of courses for Russian-speaking learners in the Eurasian region, especially academia. Specialists and experts from AlmaU’s International Cooperation Department and AlmaU School of Management Engineering participated in the implementation of this project. The course “Introduction to FinTech” is integrated into the educational process to prepare specialists for the interdisciplinary approach to IT and finance within AlmaU programs, ”said Acting Rector of AlmaU Gulnara Kurenkeyeva.

AlmaU implements the educational path “Financial markets and FinTech” in the license program “Finance”. Fintech Lab has been operating at AlmaU since March 2019, and was initiated with the aim of training national specialists in information technology (blockchain, machine learning), finance, investment and financial services, who wish to improve their qualifications, support the coherent development of economic and financial sciences, as well as international research activities. As part of professional business training, AlmaU manages the MBA program “Financial Engineering”, which has successfully passed international certification by GARP (World Association of Risk Professionals) and is the only MBA program in Kazakhstan with global AMBA accreditation . Almaty Management University expresses its gratitude to the partners – HKU Law School and AIFC Tech Hub.

AlmaU project coordinators:

  • Assel Nurgazina, director of the international office
  • Kuanysh Abeshev, Dean of the School of Engineering Management

The course is available via

* AlmaU, Almaty Management University – is the first private business university in the CIS, founded in 1988.

  • AlmaU’s MBA programs are the only ones in Central Asia to be accredited globally by the MBA Association (AMBA).
  • AlmaU and St. Petersburg State University joint Executive MBA program was ranked 22nd among joint programs in the QS Executive MBA 2021 international ranking: joint programs and 2nd in terms of student profile ?.
  • MBA Programs – in the top 250 QS World University Rankings: Global MBA 2021.
  • MBA Programs – in the top 35 QS World University Rankings Asia: MBA 2021.
  • AlmaU – N ° 2 in the rating of CIS business schools according to the Russian analysis center “Expert”.
  • AlmaU is ranked # 601-800 in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings (2021).
  • The “Public Relations”, “Marketing”, “Economy”, “Law”, “Hospitality and Catering” and “Logistics” programs appear in the top 10 of Atameken’s national ranking (2021).

The Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has its origins in 1969, when a department of law was established within the Faculty of Social Sciences. HKU Law School was designed to increase the supply of lawyers, train lawyers in Hong Kong law rather than English law, and make formal legal training available without the need for students to go to law school. ‘foreigner. Still international in composition and outlook, the faculty now consists of more than 70 full-time academic staff from 17 jurisdictions around the world and has some 2,300 students, many from outside Hong Kong. The faculty is an internationally recognized research center in various fields of law, including public law, comparative Chinese law, commercial and financial law, intellectual property and computer law, international economic law, and ethics and law. medical. The Faculty is one of the leading providers of legal education in Hong Kong.

Tech Hub AIFC is a meeting point for global startups, entrepreneurs, investors, top industry experts and a large pool of talent.

Our role is to help develop a more diverse and better informed fintech space in Kazakhstan and the region with a pipeline of opportunities for venture capital funds and financial institutions.

Introduction to FinTech Course – In this course, through a series of video lectures, case studies and assessments, you will explore the main areas of FinTech, including, starting with What is FinTech FinTech before you turn to money, payments and emerging technologies, digital finance and alternatives Finance, FinTech and RegTech regulation, data and security, and the future of data-driven finance, as well as technologies base of FinTech, including blockchain, AI and Big Data. These will pave the way for understanding the landscape and FinTech ecosystem and addressing the potential direction of future changes.


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