Kitchener, Waterloo, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Global learning leader D2L today announced that its long-time partner VHS Learning is celebrating huge success with its new American Sign Language course ( ASL).

“At VHS Learning, we are proud to add ASL 3 for the 21-22 school year thanks to technological innovations from D2L Brightspace,” said Storie Walsh, vice president of technology, VHS Learning. “Features like the Video Note tool – which enables rich discussion asynchronously and instructor feedback – have a profound impact on our learners.”

VHS Learning, a non-profit school offering leading online learning programs, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary by helping schools expand their curriculum and provide engaging learning experiences for students. The non-profit organization, which serves middle and high school students in 66 countries and partners with more than 700 schools around the world, offers a unique, collaborative teacher-led program offering high levels of support, interaction and student engagement. VHS Learning used the Brightspace platform and D2L tutorials to develop a new series of ASL courses, leveraging D2L’s cutting-edge video tools to help students and teachers in hearing and deaf communities interact and learn new cultural perspectives.

When American students choose a language to learn in school, ASL has become one of the most popular choices. VHS Learning set out to create an innovative set of online ASL courses, using the Video Note â„¢ tool of the D2L Brightspace platform to allow students and teachers to create video recordings of themselves. sign responses to questions and engage in asynchronous and signed discussions. The freshman course (ASL 1) was immediately popular with students, as registrations filled several sections within a month of its launch. To date, 780 students have completed the ASL 1 online course from VHS Learning. Now in its 3rd year, VHS Learning offers 20 sections of the first year course, and enrollment is also increasing for ASL 2 and ASL 3.

“As we prepare for our annual Fusion conference this month, we celebrate our customers and the way they are changing the world,” said April Oman, Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement at D2L. “Our goal at D2L is to reach every learner. This is what drives us and motivates us and we are excited to work with VHS Learning to propel ASL to the next level. We want to go beyond reaching all learners and create the best possible learning experiences. Our work with VHS Learning helps students master ASL to communicate with the deaf community – and it’s amazing.

Learn more about D2L’s work with VHS Learning, here.


D2L Brightspace is a cloud based learning platform designed for people who care deeply about student success.

It makes it easy to support exceptional student experiences in the classroom or entirely online, build meaningful connections with parents, and provides teachers with tools they’ll love. D2L Brightspace is worry-free with 99.99% reliability. It is very accessible and looks great on any mobile device, making it easier for teachers to reach every learner and every learner to reach their full potential. D2L Brightspace was designed for all grade levels and supports non-readers.

D2L Brightspace has won several industry award, including the best K-12 learning platform in the past two consecutive years. To learn more, visit D2L for K-12.


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