Armenia attaches importance to development of Russian language in Armenia – Minister of Education

YREVAN, OCTOBER 19, ARMENPRESS. The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia, Vahram Dumanyan, received the head of the Presidential Directorate of Interregional Relations and Cultural Contacts with Foreign Countries – Igor Maslov, who is visiting working in Armenia.

As ARMENPRESS was informed by the Ministry, the Russian delegation consisted of Russian Ambassador Sergey Kopirkin, Deputy Head of the Department of Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries of the President of Russia Anton Rybakov, Chairman of the Department of Relations interregional and cultural relations with foreign countries Valery Chernishov of the President of Russia, adviser to the Department of interregional and cultural relations with foreign countries Dmitri Avanesov and the 2sd secretary of the Russian embassy in Armenia Igor Ratushyan. The Russian delegation arrived in Armenia to participate in the 8th Armenian-Russian Interregional Forum.

Deputy Ministers of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Artur Martirosyan and Ara Khzmalyan attended the meeting.

Education, Science, Culture and Sports Minister Vahram Dumanyan greeted the guests, noting that the frameworks for cooperation with the Russian Federation are very broad, from education and science to culture and sports. According to the Minister, for the Armenian side, the implementation of joint projects in the scientific field is of particular importance.

Within the framework of cultural cooperation, Russian Days in Armenia and Armenian Culture Days in Russia have become a tradition, which last year and this year did not take place due to the pandemic and the situation. of war. The Minister expressed his confidence that in 2022, these events will be definitively implemented.

Referring to the issues on the Armenian-Russian cooperation agenda, Vahram Dumanyan attached importance to the support of the Russian side to the issue of the protection of Armenian historical and cultural heritage which has come under the control of Azerbaijan following the 44-day war, stressing that these are also universal values.

He also noted that the Armenian side attaches importance to the development of the Russian language in Armenia and is ready to discuss new proposals for initiatives within the framework of the requirements of Armenian legislation. In this context, the parties attached particular importance to increasing the efficiency of the teaching of Russian, educational programs, improvement of textbooks.

During the discussion, reference was also made to the activity of the Armenian-Russian University. Minister Vahram Dumanyan mentioned that it is one of the main universities in Armenia and the governments of both countries as founders of the university should make efforts for its development.

During the meeting, a number of issues related to bilateral cooperation in the fields of education, science, culture and sports were also raised.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb

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