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Experienced teachers: They are all native Chinese speakers with the necessary teaching qualification for the community language.

Bringing students together to explore Chinese language and culture is the goal of South Coast Chinese Language School (SCCLS), a community language school with qualified native teachers.

The school was established on July 2, 2002 by the current principal, Mrs. Su-Lien Chen, who has organized and led study tours in China, excursions to Sydney Sinofield and Sydney Chinese Garden, and traditional Chinese festivals for children. students.

Back-to-school fun: Learning can be face-to-face and remote, with online classes via Zoom to meet student needs. Photos: provided

“My teachers and I have a passion for sharing our language and culture,” Ms. Chen said. “We want to educate and inspire our learners, and in turn, be inspired by them.”

By engaging the community, parents and students to learn the Chinese language and understand its culture in the Illawarra region, the school caters to everyone.

The motto is “Promote Chinese language and culture for our next generation”.

Offering Mandarin Chinese, focusing on early stages through Stage 6 (K-12), the school also offers classes for students of Chinese descent.

“Recently we introduced free online courses for parents with huge success,” she said. “As always, we are happy to customize and provide individual lessons as requested and needed.”

Ms. Chen holds a Master of Education, Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Modern Language Teaching. In 2009, she received the “Peer Recognition Award” for her commitment to the Chinese Community Language School.

Currently a senior mentor for community languages ​​at the University of Sydney, Ms. Chen has also served as a digital mentor for seniors in the Chinese community.

“My philosophy is to share my beautiful language and culture,” Ms. Chen said. “I have endless patience to teach and connect with people of all ages.”

Learning Chinese Characters: Their qualified teachers work hard to develop a teaching program using the new NESA Chinese curriculum.

SCCLS is a proud member of the non-profit Association of Community Language Schools (ACLS) – 30,000 NSW children attend each week – which helps communities maintain their home language and culture in a language school community.

“As ACLS Education Officer, I have had the pleasure of working with Su-Lien for the past five years,” said Enya Gannon. “I have so much respect for Su Lien, his dedication and commitment to teaching Chinese language and culture over the past 20 years, which has benefited thousands of children and contributed to broader cross-cultural understanding in the world. ‘Illawarra.

“I want to congratulate them on their accomplishments and their 20th anniversary.”

Teachers perfect the NSW K-10 Chinese Curriculum lessons, hold parent/teacher interviews and award an annual Principal’s Incentive Scholarship.

At Gwynneville PS, 10a Acacia Ave, Gwynneville, call 0418 284 503 or see southcoastschool.com and communitylanguageschools.org

Sylvester L. Goldfarb