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Looking to learn English language in Chiang Mai or find the best IELTS trainers in Chiang Mai? You are in the right place. There are schools in Chiang Mai that can help you improve your communication and writing skills. But not all have the best resources to provide you with a supportive learning environment.

Today we want to tell you about one of the best English schools in Chiang Mai, EFL Learning Center. Read on to find out more about them.

About the EFL Learning Center

This language school is known to be the first language school located in South East Asia. Since its launch in 2005, the institution has received two internationally recognized certifications from the UK. Their English courses are taught under the SEE TEFL brand, which is also recognized and certified by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK).

The school has received ISO 9001 certification since 2008. This is because it is keen on providing expert customer service alongside top quality management. Importantly, the institution has also been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education as a reliable provider of effective foreign languages ​​in Chiang Mai.

Support for international students

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The institution offers VISA assistance. Support and consultation are provided to students before they enter the country until the end of the program. Once the students arrive at the airport, the school organizes their support. Also, this is done through the transportation services offered by Chiang Mai International Airport for international learners.

This is probably one of the best places to go back to school and learn English in Chiang Mai. Once you have shown genuine interest in signing up with them, they help you get a Thai bank account. This service is affiliated with EFL international students and is also provided free of charge by bank officials.

They also offer charity and community services, and you are free to be a part of it all. They organize services such as language camps consistently across a wide range of courses in the institution.

Support for Thai students

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The competitions are organized by the EFL Scholarship Learning Center. There is a wide range of rewards available to learners from various educational institutions in and around Chiang Mai. These scholarships are created to encourage the learning of foreign languages, which in turn would allow young people to orient themselves in learning different languages. This language school has been around for many years as well and continues to add new programs to help support local and international students.

Courses offered

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They have different courses focused on learning a language.

English junior

This course is available at the primary level. It involves a basic level of English, and there is no limitation or level required. Each class has between three and six learners. This is a good size because it encourages collaboration between learners and their teachers. There are two semesters each year. The first runs from May to September and the second from November to March. Classes are also available on Saturdays and Sundays and last 15 hours a day. A provides the courses.

This course is designed to make English interesting and also to improve self-confidence. The challenge most students face is the inability to understand English and to train sufficiently.

English for teenagers

This course is available for high school students. There is no minimum level required, which means this is a basic level course. There are two semesters each year, the first running from May to September and the second from November to March. Classes are available on Saturdays and Sundays and last 15 hours a day.

This course is suitable for teenagers who speak English with confidence and are looking for opportunities to continue their education to find employment. In addition, the school aims to bring students natural, fluent and dynamic English with excellent pronunciation, which also increases self-confidence.

Effective conversation

This course level is available to students who are eighteen years of age and over. There is no minimum level required to join this course. Each class has between three and six learners. In addition, the program is available every two months throughout the year. Classes are available on Saturdays and Sundays and last 15 hours a day.

This course is available to all adults who wish to return to school and improve their English conversation skills for professional or personal reasons. This course can also be created around work schedules and aims to improve pronunciation.

Business English Conversation

This course is intended for learners aged 20 and over. The course opens every two months and is available year round. Classes are available on weekends and last 15 hours a day. This course will help you improve your communication skills at work.

Contact details

Address: 208/2 Kaewnawarat Road, T. Watkate, A. Muang Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Phone number: 053 242 945, 053 242 946, 053 242 947, 089 956 6889

E-mail adress: [email protected]

Youtube channel: EFL Chiang Mai

If you are looking to improve your company and workplace etiquette as well as your pronunciation, you should consider the EFL Learning Center. Visit their website today and take a look at what other goodies they have for you.


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