Elron removes announcements in Russian at Tallinn station | New

Elron’s head of marketing and communications, Katrin Kulderknup, said Thursday that the company had wanted to update its announcements since the start of the year, but that hadn’t been possible due to technical issues.

Until the company’s technology is updated, it will only make announcements in Estonian, and English will be added in the future. Elron’s website continues to display information in Estonian, Russian and English.

Kulderknup said website data shows that 50% of passengers visit the site in Estonian and half in English or Russian. Its English content has increased in recent years.

She said that historically announcements have been made in Estonian and Russian, as many passengers are Russian-speaking and there are also trains heading east.

“So until now, the second announcement was in Russian. In recent years, the number of passengers speaking other languages ​​has increased precisely because of English-speaking passengers. We understand that the transition to English announcements is necessary, and at the same time, the expectation to abandon the Russian language is justified and has recently increased,” she said.

GoWire, the announcement service operator, said complaints were received from customers and passers-by after Russia launched its full-scale war in Ukraine in February.

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Sylvester L. Goldfarb