European language courses are gaining popularity at Raj Univ | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: The Department of European Languages ​​and Literatures of Cultural Studies under the University of Rajasthan sees a dramatic increase in requests over the past two years.
More than 1,500 applications for 15, 30 and 70 post-graduation, diploma and certificate course places, respectively, have been received since the start of the pandemic, officials said. Merit lists have high thresholds, mostly 85% and above, with students spanning all three streams applying for these courses.
“Initially, when classes were moved online during the pandemic, we thought it would hamper the growing interest of young people, but we were surprised at the response to our international workshops and seminars, and it has continued to grow. ‘increasing since,’ said Dr. Nidhi RaisinghaniHead of Department.
Last year, the department gained recognition from UGC with its short and refresher courses. The department recognizes that the availability of places is low compared to its demand and is in the process of initiating an expansion for the same.
The department also continuously organizes various festivals and activities outside the curriculum to provide a holistic learning environment even when the world has moved online. This ranged from literature festivals namely ‘Café Littéraire’ with the French author Patricia Loison to webinars on marginalized literary voices – ‘Infraordinary Things: Women in writing’ with Laurence Hugh and “Hello India” wall art activities to paint the building creatively.
Thanks to the flexibility offered, the students have benefited from these courses alongside their degree, thus understanding the advantages of it and the growing career opportunities that lead them to continue and modify their career paths in the same direction.
Shreya Dugar, a student graduating with a B.Sc. in Home Science from UK with the aim of becoming a Nutritionist, is soon leaving for France under the English language assistantship of the French Embassy.
“I did my certificate, my diploma and my post-diploma in French at the same time as my diploma and I became passionate about the language. I saw many career opportunities there and decided to divert my career path as a nutritionist to pursue my studies in French.
When asked about the reasons for such a surge in the field and her career opportunities, she said, “Previously there was a lack of awareness but now in the digital age the youth are aware and just as curious about European languages. Proficiency in one of these languages ​​adds great value to the corporate world of multinationals. Seniors at work can expect you to take calls from around the world and answer them.
Apart from the corporate world, the field encompasses various other in-demand career options ranging from language facilitator to translator to language interpreter and many other opportunities in travel and tourism.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb