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JAIPUR: Students interested in European languages can now gain diversity in career opportunities as well as an added advantage over others with language exchange and assistance programs through University of Rajasthan.
The Department of European Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies at the University of Rajasthan is experiencing a leap forward, not only with admission applications, but also with language exchange and assistantship programs. Twelve of these students from the French department are all ready to visit France, five as part of the exchange program under a memorandum of understanding with universities such as Jean Moulin, Aix-Marseille, etc. and seven under the English assistantship program “Assisteaux d’anglais” run by the Ministry of Education, France, in association with the French Embassy. To offer students a unique opportunity to experience the French language and culture first hand. The department has experienced significant growth in terms of selections for the English assistantship program with seven students selected in 2022 compared to three in 2020.
Principal and assistant teacher Nidhi Raisinghani said, “It is a proud moment not only for the department but especially for my daughters as nine out of 12 are girls from Rajasthan.” Some being the first to visit this country of their family and some leaving Jaipur for the first time alone, but nevertheless each of them is equally ecstatic and anticipates an unforgettable experience. When asked how their family and friends would react, most pointed to a slight nervousness about going it alone unless overwhelmed with overwhelming support and happiness.
“My parents were a bit skeptical at first about how I’m going to fit in there, but they understand how helpful this (program) is for my career and the development of my personality. They were very happy when the results came out that I was selected and they help me in my preparations,” said Kritika Soni. Eligibility criteria for the English assistantship program which offers seven months in France requires students in the age 20-25 with a minimum score of 7.5 in IELTS and DELF DI ‘Diplôme d’études en langue française’.


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