Federation of English Language Schools sees industry on the road to recovery

FELTOM, the Federation for the Teaching of English in Malta, has welcomed recent announcements made by the government regarding the lifting and easing of a number of Covid-19 related measures.

“As the year progresses, FELTOM is filled with cautious optimism that this could truly be the year the industry begins its road to recovery. Recognition of vaccination certificates is vital for our industry and its service providers. , as agents are once again considering Malta and its local English Language Teaching (ELT) schools for educational travel.”

However, the industry benefits from the recognition of said certificates when nationals of the country are eligible to enter Malta, the federation said in a statement. “Therefore, FELTOM would like to urge the competent authorities to include educational travel on the list of exemptions for fully vaccinated travelers in possession of a recognized vaccination certificate from countries in the dark red zone. To take advantage of this opportunity, FELTOM has planned two market-specific online workshops, where agents will have the opportunity to meet virtually with ELT schools and sponsors.

The ELT industry “continues to firmly believe that as a niche it has been singled out from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when stringent industry-specific measures were immediately introduced and are still in effect. place today”. FELTOM expressed his dissatisfaction with this in a recently filed legal protest letter.

“The continued requirement for social distancing in classrooms and the limited loading of private transport vehicles raise concerns as they are inconsistent with the lifting of measures in other sectors of the hospitality industry. If these measures are not lifted imminently, they will again burden schools by limiting the number of ELT travelers they can accommodate.

“Such industry-specific restrictions are also proving to be cause for concern for agents seeking to promote Malta as an ELT destination. They fear that this continued singularization of this market will lead to further closure. It is important that the competent authorities understand that our industry is extremely sensitive to any government decision, in particular during this period, due to the heightened awareness of foreign partners of the unilateral closure of English-only schools in July 2021. . »

Sylvester L. Goldfarb