Foreign language courses in high demand by young people | Patna News

Patna: With the ever-increasing demand for young people proficient in foreign languages ​​following the globalization of the Indian economy, several institutions in the city have come up with well-designed short-term certificate courses in foreign languages.
Skills in French, German, Russian, Chinese and more recently Japanese, Spanish and Korean are in high demand. Fluency in foreign languages ​​helps young people pursue careers in fields such as tourism, entertainment, public relations, mass communication, international organizations, embassies, diplomatic services, publishing houses and BPO.
The University of Patna (PU) has been providing language proficiency certificate courses in French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese since 2018. The response of young people to all these courses is quite satisfactory, the course coordinator said. Harish Das.
There are well-qualified (part-time) teachers for all these courses. The three-month certificate courses are held in two sessions (January to June and July to December) each year. Classes are conducted at the post-graduate Bengali department of the Darbhanga House complex. Each course has 40 places and the fee for each course is Rs 10,000. Admission for the next session will be next July, Das said.
Patna Women’s College (PWC) and Magadh Mahila College (MMC) also organize language proficiency courses for their students. PWC runs additional credit-based certificate courses in French, German, and Korean. CMM also introduced value-added certificate courses for college girls to create self-employment potential among them. These skill development programs include courses leading to a certificate of English proficiency, German proficiency, and Japanese language proficiency. College plans to start degree-level courses in foreign languages ​​soon, MMC director says Namita Kumari.
Some other institutions also provide short courses in foreign languages. The German Language Center (GLC) of Shri Krishna Puri has been operating successfully since 2008. It offers German language courses for different levels including A1, A2, B1 and B2. It also offers various personalized German courses in collaboration with other local institutions.
Archana Rani, Head of GLC, said the fee structure ranges from Rs 17,700 to Rs 36,000 for different levels (A1 to B2). After passing the course, students must pass the Goethe exam held twice a year in Patna in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut Kolkata, she said.
Established in 2007 by the South Korean government, the Korean King Sejong Institute operates out of the city’s local AN college. The institute teaches Korean language in addition to providing exposure to Korean culture and tradition, literature, music, dance, film, visual arts, and cuisine.
Center manager Grace Lee said that the institute is under the patronage of the Korean Cultural Center in New Delhi. Experienced and certified Korean teachers lead Korean lessons at King Sejong Institute to ensure an authentic learning experience.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb