Gotham Knights would no longer receive the Russian language version

According to a new report, the Russian version of Gotham Knights has been cancelled.

This claim comes from The Happy Warrior (thanks, Eurogamer), which notes that the Russian version of the game has been canceled due to Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine. As Eurogamer pointed out, the game’s Russian subsite is currently leading to a 404 error, with the page last confirmed online on May 12 via

The game’s Steam page also does not refer to Russian language support, for voice acting or for subtitles, which means that even other versions of the game will not have Russian support. . It is not known whether other Russian-speaking territories will be affected by this supposed change.

Warner Bros. hasn’t yet made any official comment on this, though apparently a source has made an off-the-record comment that the company “is very afraid of upsetting the gaming press or causing trouble with social media” .

Warner Bros Montreal also recently changed the biography of Batgirl, one of the game’s playable characters. Her story has been changed so that she no longer just trained hard enough to recover from her paralysis, but has now undergone rehabilitation as part of his recovery.

Fans criticized her initial biography for implying that through sheer willpower and training, anyone can recover from a spinal injury for life. Warner Bros. Montreal worked with the charity AbleGamers to improve the character’s story and announced the change during a Q&A held on the game’s Discord server.

Gotham Knights is currently set to release next October, and while originally slated to be available on PS4 and Xbox One, it will now be next-gen only. The game was delayed late last year to 2022 after it was first announced in 2020.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb