Government votes against Russian-language vaccination diary / Article

At its meeting on April 29, the Latvian government decided not to produce information material on vaccination in Russian.

On Thursday, the government discussed possible exceptions to the legislation to allow people to be informed about the Covid-19 vaccination in foreign languages, including Russian, through a “vaccination paper” . However, the proposal was not supported and it will be necessary to find a way to provide information consistent with existing laws.

Health Minister Daniels Pavļuts said information material in Russian is needed because it is difficult to reach certain groups in society to educate them about the Covid-19 vaccination. He proposed that the ministry print and develop digital information material in foreign languages. The law currently stipulates that it is not allowed to send information in foreign languages ​​without special request.

Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns opposed Pavluts’ offer, calling it “publicity for bilingualism” which degrades the country’s language policy.

The minister stressed that without violating the law, people who need information in other languages ​​can already be contacted through the municipal administration. He also said the exception would not change the situation during the pandemic, as the distribution of material in a foreign language carries an administrative penalty.

After discussions, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs suggested that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice find a legitimate way to educate people about the Covid-19 vaccination in a foreign language.

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