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ST. PETERSBURG, September 24. / TASS /. The president of the International Ice Hockey Federation, René Fasel, said on Friday that he intended to take a Russian course after his resignation.

A new chairman of the world’s ice hockey governing body is expected to be elected at the IIHF convention in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, on September 25. A new IIHF president will replace Fasel, who held the post for 27 years. .

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Fasel said he intended to go to Moscow and attend a Russian school to take a number of classes to study the language, as it would be much easier to stay in country and watch local TV channels.

The IIHF chief added that he was not satisfied with the lack of time to fully study the Russian language and that everyone knows how much he loves Russia and the Russian people.

IIHF President René Fasel

René Fasel, 71, first revealed his intention not to run for another presidential term in November 2017, and in October 2018 he confirmed to TASS he would step down after the IIHF Congress elects. a new president in September 2020. However, the IIHF convention has been postponed to a later date due to the global spread of the novel coronavirus.

Fasel’s current presidential term officially expired in May 2020, but his tenure is valid until the next election, which is to be held at the IIHF Congress in September this year in Russia’s second largest city, Saint -Petersburg.

The former Swiss-born dentist, with a gift for languages ​​and a deep passion for ice hockey, was elected for the first time as head of the sport’s world governing body in June 1994. He was re-elected to a sixth presidential term at the 2016 IIHF General Convention. in Moscow.


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