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TORONTO, March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As schools around the world invest in more technology, ILAC is moving in the opposite direction by removing electronic devices from the classroom to improve learning outcomes.

This spring, the International Academy of Languages ​​of Canada (ILAC) is launching a “zero technology” pilot project in its schools in Toronto. Following in the footsteps of digital giants like Apple and Facebook who admit the addictive dangers of excessive screen time, ILAC is asking students and teachers to unplug in order to connect.

“Students come to Canada to experience the language and culture, not to sit on their cell phones,” explains Jonathan Kolber, co-founder of ILAC. “ILAC aims to create an authentic human connection by providing immersive learning opportunities for international students in and outside the classroom. “

The pilot project will include students aged 16-18 in the Young Adult Program (YAP) who come to study throughout the year. Research shows this age group is most vulnerable to young people’s addiction to technology and its links to sleep disturbances, poor school performance, anxiety, depression, obesity, isolation social and suicide.

As part of the pilot project, students and teachers will be asked to turn off their cell phones and put them away before each lesson. Teachers will reduce their use of passive digital tools such as videos and replace them with active communication methods such as role plays and presentations.

“When students are on the phone, they don’t speak English, listen in English, and immerse themselves in our culture,” explains Christine Wach, ILAC vice-president of education. “They don’t socialize or are present with those around them.”

Since the announcement was made last week, teachers, agents and partners around the world have applauded the initiative.

“We see the same in our school, even with adults,” says Izabella Lauterpakht, one of ILAC’s partners and owner of System-3 Education in Russia. “They can’t concentrate when their phones are on and it’s hard to encourage them to relax and enjoy the company of other students and teachers. ”

As the world becomes more and more digital, many teachers around the world have noticed that students are increasingly distracted and disconnected during lessons. The use of cell phones in the classroom has been associated with lower recall, decreased academic performance, and lower student satisfaction rates.

About ILAC: The International Academy of Languages ​​of Canada is one of the most awarded English schools in the world. ILAC is renowned for its diverse student body and immersive learning culture.

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