Japanese University Russian Professors Issue Statement Protesting Ukraine Invasion

The protest statement can be seen in this screenshot from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies official website.

TOKYO — Five full-time professors from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies’ Russian Studies program have issued a public condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The statement dated March 7 called the invasion an “unforgivable outrage against an independent and sovereign nation” and demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin halt all military action and withdraw his troops from Ukraine. She also opposed defamation and discrimination against scholars and students of Ukrainian and Russian origin.

Professor Kyoko Numano, who signed the statement, is worried about possible increased discrimination against those who speak or study Russian, and that this will lead people to avoid learning the culture and art Russians.

On his Facebook page, Numano insisted: “What you learn after acquiring the language is important. We must not unnecessarily exclude or ostracize the Russian language or discriminate against Russian speakers.”

(Japanese original by Ken Aoshima, Tokyo City News Department)

Sylvester L. Goldfarb