Jesus Medina: The only thing causing difficulties is the Russian language

– You are a technical footballer, but is there a player you admire?
– Yes, I always try to watch and copy the style of the players, which is similar to mine. I look at players who have similar playing characteristics. I like Di Maria, David Silva and Messi. Messi is generally the best player in football history. I try to follow the performances of these guys, the actions with the ball and then repeat it in my game.

– You spent two weeks with CSKA. Is there anything that seems out of the ordinary?
– Football is the same everywhere. There is no secret in that. The only thing that causes difficulties is the Russian language. Of course, I speak a little English, but most of the time here everyone communicates in Russian. Otherwise, I like everything, I try to get to know my partners, the coaches, the staff. I do everything in my power not to feel cut off from the team.

– It seems that you and Yusuf Yazici have already integrated the team well.
– I want to quickly become my own and justify the expectations placed on me, because many wanted my transition and hoped in me. I have very good impressions of the team, everyone is very nice and open. Despite the fact that there are a lot of young players here, I want to highlight the mix of experience and youth. Because players like Igor Akinfeev, Alan Dzagoev are real veterans with great experience, who received me well. I am very happy.

Let’s talk about the MLS. In New York, you were coached by Patrick Vieira. Talk it over.
– It was a great honor for me to work with such a coach, because he did a lot for my transition to New York. I worked with him for six months and was close to his style. He liked to press and control the ball. I liked his aggressive football. He is a very good big coach. I was delighted with this experience.

– You played in the same club with David Villa and against Zlatan. There is a stereotype that such players go to this league to finish the game.
– I wouldn’t say they’re done playing there. On the contrary, they have raised the standard of MLS. This league is growing every year. David Villa in the first season became the best player and scorer, and in the second season he also scored about 15 goals. He is an excellent footballer. He showed these qualities in training. I also played against Zlatan, and he also had great stats. Therefore, they both only developed the MLS with their presence.

– Tell us about New York. What surprised you there?
– It’s a big city, and I’m very happy to have managed to live there for four years. It is a powerful and dynamic city with a large number of tourists. Life is bubbling there. Everyone is constantly somewhere in a hurry and late, there is also a lot of entertainment. It’s sometimes bad for the players, because you have to recover a lot, rest and think about the job, but in such a rhythm it’s almost impossible. I loved walking there and having a coffee in the central park. Also during these four years in New York, I learned a lot on my own and made friends. It was a rich life experience.

“They say the New York subway is dangerous. It’s true?
“Nothing like that happened to me. Every time I took the metro, everything was fine. Of course, in other parts of the city, everything might have happened, as it happens in all other cities, but everything was fine for me.

– Then you are ready for Moscow traffic.
– Yes, when I came to Moscow, I had the chance to meet her. I noticed that the cities are very similar in terms of traffic flow. In New York, you can go somewhere, get stuck in traffic, and not know when it’s going to end.

– Did you consult anyone when you moved to Russia? Maybe with former teammate Maxi Morales, who played here?
– Maxi is a very good friend of mine who played with you, but didn’t stay long. However, he told me a lot of good things about Moscow, that the cities are alike and that I shouldn’t have any problems in Russia. He prepared me very well and answered all my questions.

– How do you find the CSKA stadium after the American arenas?
“He made a huge impression on me. It’s a beautiful, new and modern stadium. There are many similar arenas in New York. It seems to me that if our stadium is completely full, the atmosphere will be simply unreal. I want to start playing there as soon as possible and leave my mark on CSKA history.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb