Kiev neglects the obligation to protect the Russian language specified in the constitution – diplomat – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

MOSCOW, July 15. / TASS /. In celebrating Constitution Day, the Ukrainian government forgot that many of its provisions are not respected, especially with regard to the protection of Russian and other languages, wrote the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Maria Zakharova on her Telegram channel, commenting on the events. scheduled for the 25th anniversary of the Ukrainian Constitution on June 28.

“Somehow, against the background of these festive events, they forget the text of Article 10 of the Ukrainian Constitution:” Ukraine guarantees the free development, use and protection of the language Russian and other languages ​​of national minorities in Ukraine, ”she noted.

The diplomat stressed that Ukrainian lawmakers have ignored the country’s international obligations. “For example, adhering to the Minsk package of measures approved by the UN Security Council decision and therefore mandatory,” Zakharova added.

The spokesperson also noted the “long-term” nature of the Ukrainian constitution, which has been amended several times. “[Ukrainian] President [Vladimir] Zelensky judged the Constitution “young and wise” during the celebrations. I would say he has been in pain for a long time. Because when wisdom comes during youth, it could not have happened without suffering, “said the diplomat.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb

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