Kyobo Life builds a Korean language school in Indonesia

Cia-Cia Hangeul School on Buton Island, Indonesia (Yonhap)

Kyobo Life Insurance Co., a South Korean life insurer, announced on Thursday that it has established the Cia-Cia Hangeul School on Buton Island, Indonesia, in partnership with the Korean Cia-Cia Cultural Exchange Association. .

The Cia-Cia are one of 350 Indonesian minorities who officially chose in 2009 to use the Korean alphabet, Hangeul, to preserve their declining language. The local Cia-Cia language, also known as Butonese, does not have its own writing system. They use Hangeul to imitate Butonais pronunciation in their written communication.

The newly constructed Cia-Cia Hangeul School is a two-storey building with a gross area of ​​465 square meters. It consists of classrooms, lecture halls and accommodation for Korean teachers.

It will provide systematic Korean language instruction to its students, according to Kyobo Life. In addition to organizing a training course for local Korean language teachers, various cultural exchange activities such as Korean cooking classes are planned.

Kyobo Life has been supporting various social contribution activities for the Cia-Cia since last year. Currently, Kyobo Life offers taekwondo lessons and Korean lessons to 500 Cia-Cia students at schools in Bau-Bau City and Buton Island.

“We are happy to support Korean language education and promote Korean culture to Cia-Cia. We will do our best to help students from the Cia-Cia tribe grow into mature adults through the education,” said a Kyobo Life official.

By Lee Yoon-seo ([email protected])

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