Lagos language school reopens for private students

Centro de Línguas de Lagos is once again open to private students, although group sessions will continue online, through Zoom, for the foreseeable future.

“The Zoom sessions have proven to be successful and popular, especially for the more reluctant students,” said the language school. “They have adapted well to technology and discovered the benefits of online learning, such as making new friends from all over the world and avoiding the hassle of traveling to class. Many took the plunge after trying Zoom with our free half-hour Familiarization Session. In the future, we plan to offer group classes online and at school.

Weekly conversation classes have also proven to be popular, providing students with the opportunity to consolidate and practice their speaking skills and are offered at elementary and intermediate levels. They are flexible and students can pay for one month at a time.

Private lessons, available online or at school, are ideal for students with limited time or specific language requirements. “We also offer ‘2 students for the price of 1’ course. For beginners, teachers can explain things in English as it saves time! says Centro de Línguas de Lagos.

Some students decide to take the A2 CIPLE exam, a requirement for Portuguese citizenship after completing the group sessions, while others have private lessons specifically for exam preparation. Some opt for a mixture of the two.

The school, opened in 1982 and accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, is located in the historic center of Lagos with easy parking nearby.

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Sylvester L. Goldfarb