Latvia revokes license for Russian-language channel

The Latvian regulator NEPLP has revoked the broadcasting license of the first Baltic channel of Latvia (PBK) in Russian language.

In a statement, she said she took action because “during the year, three major violations of the law on electronic media were identified in the operation of the schedule of PBK programs.”

NEPLP adds that in the first case, a fine was imposed for a flagrant violation of the basic conditions of the broadcasting license issued by the broadcasting of programs created by other electronic media in the PBK schedule. In the second case, the sanction was pronounced for non-compliance with the obligation to provide at least 51% of European audiovisual works one week. In the third case, the sanction was imposed because PBK disseminated information endangering public health or which could present serious and serious risks. Namely, Covid-19 infection is a low-contagious disease and can be prevented by eating herring.

“By evaluating the regulatory violations committed by PBK, it can be concluded that each of the violations was a material violation, as they caused damage to specially protected rights and interests such as the interests of the state and the community. public health and safety, especially in emergencies ”.

PBK’s broadcast license was issued for 10 years in February 2015 and will be officially revoked on October 26.
PBK is operated by an international media group known as the Baltic Media Alliance. Its portfolio includes a number of Russian-language channels aimed at the Baltic States.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb