Marysville Schools Welcomes Partnership With Columbus Japanese Language School

MARYSVILLE – The Marysville School Board has approved an agreement with Columbus Japanese Language School (CJLS) to serve as the host school district for their Saturday school. CJLS will rent space to schools in Marysville each week to continue a tradition of education that began forty years ago.

“Marysville Schools is delighted to welcome the Columbus Japanese Language School to our school district,” said Superintendent Diane Allen. “This agreement will allow Saturday School to take place at Creekview Middle School every Saturday starting September 4.”

The Columbus Japanese Language School began in 1980 for US citizens and international employees and their families while posted to various Japanese companies in the region. It was founded by a group of Japanese parents from central Ohio who were looking for ways to help their children maintain and develop their language skills and Japanese culture while in the United States.

After more than a year of online learning, Yuki Watanabe of CJLS can’t wait to see the students come together in person again.

“We are truly grateful to the schools in Marysville and are delighted to restart the in-person classroom program,” he added. “We hope to establish a long and solid relationship with the community of Marysville. “

More than 400 students will meet every Saturday in an atmosphere similar to that of schools in their country of origin. CJLS teaches rules and guidelines typical of the Japanese education system to help students become successful members of Japanese society. In addition to the Japanese National Standards and Curriculum, Columbus Japanese Language School provides an environment conducive to self-confidence and creativity, as well as fostering an attitude of self-control and cooperation in every student. .

Terry Emery, Director of the City of Marysville, added, “The City of Marysville is delighted to host the Columbus Japanese Language School (CJLS) in Marysville. With 24 Japanese companies in the community, our city of friendship and our student exchange relationship with Yorii, Japan, and the largest K-12 Japanese language program in Ohio, CJLS will advance our strong relationship with the Japanese community. We thank CJLS for its commitment to Marysville and thank the Marysville schools for their partnership and leadership.

In fact, Marysville Schools offers the largest Japanese program in the state.

“With our proximity to so many Japanese-based companies and the importance of this industry to our community, central Ohio, and the state, we believe it is important to provide opportunities for our students and the community to engage in Japanese culture and language, ”Allen added. “Our partnership with CJLS is another opportunity for us to embrace and enhance this important relationship. “

Sylvester L. Goldfarb

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