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New study finds 786% year-over-year increase in people taking new courses, to refresh or upgrade for the new year

New research from, one of the UK’s leading job and career sites, has found that UK workers are gearing up for the New Year by upskilling or reskilling this winter, with over 140,000 courses purchased in the first half of November, a 786% increase year over year.

Last year, during the peak of the pandemic, thousands of Britons retrained in new sectors, however, research from – which analyzed the 80,000 courses available on the site – shows that this is a long-standing trend with thousands of people proactive in their careers and personal development through 2022.

The study reveals that the British Sign Language course has seen the fastest growth in active student numbers, with more than 6,000 people purchasing the course between 1st at 15and November, potentially due to the recent success of the UK Paralympic team and Rose Ayling-Ellis’ success on Strictly Come Dancing, increasing the representation of the hearing impaired.

‘Leadership Management’, ‘Child Psychology’ and ‘Project Management’ were the other three most popular courses, each with over 4,000 purchases during the same period.

The results show that UK workers are preparing for the future by acquiring digital skills and reskilling in sectors that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, over 2,000 people purchased the “Digital Marketing” and “Consulting” courses in the first half of November.

Upskilling and retraining remains top of mind for many, with over 25,000 inquiries about courses between 1st at 15and November, and now is the perfect time to embark on a new course as we head into Christmas and the New Year. For Black Friday, is offering courses from just £10 and course seekers can sign up for an additional 10% off select discounted courses. Courses are currently discounted in over 941 different sectors.

Commenting on the numbers, James Reed, Chairman of REED, said:

“Our research proves that the trend of retraining and upskilling that we have witnessed over the past year is here to stay. The results demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the UK public, with many opting to learn digital skills and take courses in sectors that will dominate the economy of the future.

“In a labor market where workers hold all the cards, the new skills learned through these courses could help workers get a pay rise or a better role in the future. Thousands of courses are readily available on and during Black Friday many of them are heavily discounted. Choose one today to open doors in your career that were previously closed.

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