New English courses to start soon with Eastman Immigrant Services

Adjusting to a new life can be difficult, but Eastman Immigrant Services works to make it easier.

“These English for Work courses are a way to improve your English for a number of reasons.” says Gwen Reimer of Eastman Immigrant Services.

Perhaps the number one goal of the English for Work course includes a job. This could include promotion into a job. It could even include training for the job, maybe even an additional option for your education. , get certified or even just to learn more about the culture, be it Canadian or other countries and the culture, these are very good reasons to do so, ”she explains.

However, Reimer mentioned the other success of their program. “Another thing we offer with these courses is the WELARC assessment. WELARC stands for Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centers.

“Basically what this does is that every one of our clients who sign up for English classes commits to taking the classes and actually gets a free assessment,” Reimer explains, “so WELARC assesses your reading, writing, listening and speaking, and you receive your CLB which is the Canadian linguistic reference for anyone taking the English language. “

This year Eastman Immigrant Services is offering new sessions starting November 1 and they will run until June 24, 2022. “We are offering 3 free sessions with our Christmas vacation and with a spring break, which is happening, c ‘is that the client signs up because, you know, we can take new takes for the first 2 weeks and then after that the session ends and we start again after the break, ”says Reimer.

“It’s important to sign up early on. We do this so that it doesn’t get interrupted as well when they have classes going.”

When it comes to social distancing practices, Eastman Immigrant Services further encourages their use. “Of course, keeping all social distancing practices in mind, it’s important to work with Manitoba Health,” Reimer said. “We’re going to be working with the students online, and then the technology class will be held Tuesday and Thursday at the Eastman Education Center and their beautiful atrium.”

And, if students want to access the online courses, this is also available. “There is an online version for all the courses we offer, including CLB 5,6,7, pronunciation and technology. ”

Anyone interested in improving their English skills for free can message them on their website., or contact them directly at Eastman Immigrant Services.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb

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