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A recent letter from Yu Minhong, president of New Oriental Education, has gone viral online. The letter said the organization would no longer offer primary and secondary tutoring at its new Oriental Foreign Language School in Beijing Changping.

Finance of China News reported that the director of New Oriental could not confirm whether the Changping school would be closed completely in the fall, but he clarified that the institution is not currently accepting registrations for the semester. of autumn.

According to the open letter, the Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Language School will close its compulsory education program after the spring semester of 2022, i.e. primary and secondary schools. 9th grade students can continue their studies at the upper school if they wish. The school is committed to providing resources and assistance to help students in grades 1 to 8 continue their education at other schools in Beijing, and will compensate all students in grades 1 to 8 with a total amount of 20,000 RMB ($3,139) each.

In the open letter, Yu Minhong cited the reasons behind the closure of the institution’s K9 education program. The main reasons were the recent policies put in place. As required by new state policies and regulations, New Oriental, as a listed company, is not allowed to organize compulsory education at its school in Changping or provide support for it.

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Second, past issues. New Oriental has never been able to offer students a campus with full school facilities and grounds. In recent years, Changping School has demolished several buildings, including the teachers’ dormitory, a 400-meter track, an outdoor playground and bleachers, as required by authorities. Such buildings are beyond reconstruction for the foreseeable future. In addition, it is not possible to build a teaching complex, a sports hall, science classrooms and specialized classrooms for audio, physical education and aesthetics necessary for a school due to the paperwork involved in land zoning requirements.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb