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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: At a time when the Russian language is gaining prominence in educational institutions across the country, Altai State Pedagogical University in Russia plans to collaborate with colleges and universities in Kerala to promote the language and undertake student exchange programs.

“Kerala students are very interested in studying Russian and learning about the country’s culture. In addition, many students returning to Russia are enthusiastic about traveling to India, especially Kerala. This collaboration will help make internship opportunities accessible to students from both countries and promote Russian, ”said Yana Filippova, professor at the University’s Linguistic Institute. She was at the Russian Cultural Center in town to talk about student exchange programs and the institute’s plans to offer three-month or six-month language courses to students in Kerala.

Yana, who was elected Eurasia Beauty Queen last year, is the Kerala Travel Mart Society Goodwill Ambassador for Russia. “After winning the competition last year, I had several discussions with the Russian Cultural Center in Thiruvananthapuram, which also wanted to collaborate and promote student exchange programs,” Yana said. She currently teaches English and British phonetics to future interpreters at Altai University.

“We are now developing methodologies on how to move the collaboration forward. Many Indians studying in Russia choose technical universities. We are planning to offer language courses at our university. One of the important results of opening Russian courses in Kerala is the possibility of opening employment opportunities for Indians in Russian cities.

Yana also pointed out that the collaboration will not only help the movement of Russian students to Kerala, but will also benefit the tourism and hospitality sector if the guides are trained in the language. Kerala sees a large influx of Russian tourists who go for various Ayurveda and Yoga treatments. Yana also participated in the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Indo-Russian Women’s Forum.

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