Stay in Thailand by studying at ALA Language School

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Welcome to Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles. One of the most visited countries in the world, the country is home to stunning islands, irresistible street food, thousands of temples and royal palaces. What better way to experience Thai culture than to learn the language? Learn Thai and immerse yourself in Thai culture without worrying about visa restrictions. Let us introduce you to ALA Language School (formerly Asoke Language Academy), one of the best Thai language schools in Thailand located in downtown Bangkok.

What is ALA?

First, let’s cover the ground on the ALA language school. ALA was created by a group of dedicated and experienced educators. In ALA, languages ​​are reduced to the fundamentals, which greatly improves the learning process. ALA also uses realistic learning approaches, custom-created curricula, textbooks and course materials, providing an ideal place for people from diverse backgrounds and levels of understanding to learn and gain confidence in mastery of languages.

ALA offers courses in all four skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – for students who want to target specific skills. Many conversation activities are also offered in class to help students improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. We assure you that ALA is an ideal academy that provides you with a fun and stimulating environment to develop your language skills. Here are the reasons why you should study at ALA!

1. Obtain a study visa (ED).

Say goodbye to tedious visa applications! ALA is an accredited language school that has been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education. Therefore, ALA has the authority to assist its students in obtaining Education Visas (EDs). The duration of the visa depends on student preferences and payment flexibility. Visa options range from 3 to 14 months for Thai courses and 3 to 12 months for English courses. Coming soon, there will also be a 4-13 month ED visa for students taking Chinese courses by mid-2022. Get your ED visa by registering for courses and experience the beauty of Thailand worry-free!

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2. ALA is in the heart of Bangkok.

Learn Thai in Bangkok’s trendiest neighborhood! ALA is located on Sukhumvit 13 in the heart of Bangkok’s central business district, in a very convenient position with easy access to public transport (BTS Nana is 400 meters away, BTS Asoke is 500 meters away and MRT Sukhumvit is 600 meters away ). The famous Terminal 21 shopping mall, hotels, corporate towers, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, fitness centers, flea markets, and residential units are all within walking distance from ALA. Spend less time and money traveling and live like a Bangkokian while learning the language!

3. Have the most experienced teachers.

Founded by a group of highly experienced and passionate teachers, it’s no surprise that ALA offers quality lessons taught by accomplished teachers. In addition to being native speakers, the teachers are approachable and friendly which adds to the fun and enjoyable learning environment. A big advantage is that the teachers are bilingual in more than two languages, which allows for more flexible teaching and simple explanations. They are tech-savvy, so don’t worry about learning difficulties online. So students can study from anywhere in the world!

4. Master accurate Thai pronunciation.

Many foreigners who learn Thai often feel discouraged to speak Thai. This is because Thai is a tonal language with FIVE different tones. But do not worry; ALA protects you! It offers a student-centered curriculum and targeted effective lessons with the latest standards for spoken Thai language written and printed by ALA. Additionally, teachers will teach you how to use flawless linguistic phonetics to enhance and enhance your pronunciation and how to use mnemonic strategies to creatively simplify writing and reading. All of these resources will make your conversation more realistic and natural. Master accurate pronunciations and speak like a local at ALA!

Additionally, the school offers in-depth techniques that cover grammar in the advanced level course for those who wish to master the Thai language as a native speaker. Many students from other language schools also join the advanced courses, giving you the perfect opportunity to practice Thai more effectively!

Stay in Thailand by studying at ALA Language School |  News by Thaiger

Image via ALA Language School

5. Have a flexible learning schedule.

One of the best things about language classes at ALA is its flexible schedule. ALA understands the student’s busy schedules, for example, balancing social life and vacation plans to see family. Thus, ALA has built a monthly dynamic study calendar based on thematic lessons as small objectives to be achieved individually. Additionally, there are regular replays of the same sessions at different times as a review. Feel free to join upcoming classes without feeling overwhelmed with a new topic if you miss a lesson. You can also consider joining the course at any time of the month according to the monthly schedules.

6. Chinese language is available.

By providing instruction services with explanations in Chinese, ALA transforms the Thai language learning experience. To facilitate the learning of Thai, all the manuals of the oral expression courses are in Thai-Chinese. This is especially beneficial for native Chinese speakers or students who prefer to learn in Chinese.

The need for Chinese-speaking specialists is growing exponentially globally. Employers are looking for people who can communicate effectively with Chinese business partners from new international markets. The good news is that ALA also offers Chinese lessons for students who want to learn Chinese. So don’t limit yourself and sign up for a Chinese course if you’re interested!

Stay in Thailand by studying at ALA Language School |  News by Thaiger

Image via ALA Language School

7. Tuition fees won’t break your bank.

Although maintaining a qualitative edge in the highly competitive local market is a challenge, ALA’s mission is to provide diverse language resources to students, encourage students’ language abilities, and offer reasonable prices and affordable without compromising the quality of education. Each session starts from 40-60 hours. ALA also ensures that you get a quality education for your money, with noticeable improvements.

These are seven good reasons why ALA is one of the best language schools in Thailand. The language academy’s personalized curriculum, realistic learning approach and flexible learning schedule put it at the top of all language centers in Thailand. Plus, the central location and reasonable prices are second to none! So what are you waiting for? Discover Thailand to the fullest and master the Thai language by registering with ALA!

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