TechTrans Receives $59 Million NASA Contract for Russian Language and Logistics Services

TechTrans International has secured an award with a potential maximum value of $59 million from NASA to provide translation, interpretation, language training and logistical support for one of the space agency’s programs.

The Russian Language and Logistics Services Contract 2 for the International Space Station program continues TechTrans’s work with NASA on providing the required services, the space agency announced Tuesday.

TechTrans will provide real-time and mission-critical translation and interpretation services as well as international logistics support for space station operations in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Under the contract, the Houston, Texas-based company will oversee government housing management and inventory of NASA assets in Russia and cargo integration at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The phase-in period of the RLLS2 contract is scheduled to begin on September 1, while the two-year base period is scheduled to begin on October 1. Thereafter, the space agency will have the option of exercising two one-year contracts, one for three months and a nine-month extension.

The cost plus fixed fee plus incentive fee contract has an indefinite delivery/quantity order capability.

TechTrans has posted on its website that it has provided services for the RLLS contract since 1993.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb