Uber partners with Rosetta Stone to offer free language lessons to its drivers

Uber wants its drivers to take language lessons to eliminate the language barrier when traveling.

Uber will begin offering free language lessons from the Rosetta Stone platform to make life easier for its drivers, the company said. The goal of the taxi app is to allow drivers and customers to interact without the language barrier, in addition to teaching them new skills that can help them beyond jobs at Uber.

Drivers will have free access to the 24 languages ​​offered by Rosetta Stone, directly from the Uber Driver app.

In addition, drivers in some countries may request a success letter to help them apply for jobs.

Free Uber courses
The Uber and Rosetta Stone partnership is available to drivers and passengers who have achieved Gold, Platinum or Diamond status through the Uber Pro program in more than three dozen countries including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Panama , Mexico and more.

This move is happening because, according to Uber, the majority of its drivers are immigrants, for example 82% of drivers in London and 90% in New York are not native.

Sylvester L. Goldfarb

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