Uber will offer free Rosetta Stone language courses to drivers

Uber wants to overcome the language barriers that you will sometimes encounter when hailing a vehicle. The edge said Uber has in partnership with Rosetta Stone to offer free language courses through its Driver application. Uber and Uber Eats drivers can use this feature to learn any of Rosetta Stone’s 24 languages. They will even receive material adapted to common carpooling scenarios.

Drivers will need to have achieved Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status through the Uber Pro program in an eligible country (including much of the Americas, UK, India, and Spain).

The courses come along with another career initiative. Drivers in some countries (including many in the Rosetta program) may request a success letter that will help them apply for a job.

Uber did not hesitate to explain the official rationale for the two movements. Many of its drivers are either immigrants (and less likely to know local languages) or see languages ​​and carpooling as the key to expanding their opportunities. Uber understands that driving for the company may just be a “temporary stop” on a career path – it gives workers a better chance to grow.

There are practical incentives for Uber. The more languages ​​its drivers speak, the more likely these drivers are to score favorably and encourage loyal customers. Career incentives could also encourage more drivers to sign up for Uber in the first place, even if they end up spending less time in the role.

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