Vietnamese lessons offered for the very first time at the Ivy Leagues Brown and Princeton

Two Ivy League universities are offering Vietnamese courses for beginners and intermediates for the first time in their history.

About the courses: Brown University’s Beginner and Intermediate Vietnamese courses are taught by Trang Tran, a guest lecturer who joined the university’s faculty this fall. Through its partnership with Brown, Princeton University also offers courses to its students.

  • “The students who come to my class really want to come to my class,” Tran said. The Brown Daily Herald.

  • Previously, Tran taught English in Vietnam before receiving a Fulbright scholarship to come to the United States. manual for Vietnamese.

  • Brown students are not required to take a language course to earn credit. Tran would therefore be impressed with the effort her students made in the classroom.

  • There are nine students enrolled in the Beginner level class and seven students enrolled in the Intermediate level class.

  • Most of the students in the courses are speakers of Vietnamese heritage and want to learn more about their culture and language.

  • According to The Princetonian Daily, two Princeton students enrolled in Brown’s Intermediate Course as part of the partnership between the two schools.

  • Princeton students attend class via Zoom in a classroom at East Pyne Hall.

Story: Students have been asking for Vietnamese Studies classes at Brown University for years.

  • The Southeast Asian Student Initiative wrote a letter to the University’s Center for Language Studies (CLS) demanding the classes in April 2019.

  • The letter was signed by the students and faculty and addressed to Jane Sokolosky, the director of CLS.

  • The process of finding professors to teach the classes has been stalled until 2020 due to COVID as well as other reasons not cited.

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