Virtual Russian Education Fair 2021

Winston Churchill once defined Russia as “an enigma, shrouded in a mystery, within an enigma”. When you type Russia into their search engines, they are bound to find an abundance of superlatives associated with it in the search results. From the largest country by land, the longest Trans-Siberian train, the third busiest metro station, the most billionaires per capita, even the most time zones and whatnot! The list of wonders is long when it comes to Russia.

The country’s global reputation and the window of opportunity it offers are some of the popular reasons why thousands of students from all over the world join Russian universities every year. A significant percentage of these students come from India. The healthy relations between the two countries and the mutual cooperation and support between them add several bonuses for Indian students, encouraging them to study in russia.

Role of Rus Education in facilitating your studies in Russia

For around 30 years, Rus Education has not only been a pioneer but also a partner of dreams and reality for thousands of families. We aim to serve you the best options and services according to your interests and preferences. Whether it’s your dream to be a pilot, doctor, engineer, start an international business or even get your hands on Russian language expertise, we bring you the best selected Russian universities to meet your choices.

To provide you with a unique platform to evaluate and analyze all the best universities in Russia, Rus Education has been organizing the Russian Education Fair every year for the past few decades. However, the pandemic came as a surprise and had apparently threatened the future of thousands of students eager to study in Russia. To combat such adversity, the dedicated team of Rus Education organized the very first Russian Virtual Education Fair in 2020.

The previous year saw massive participation from universities from Russia as well as students and parents from India. More than 10 universities from Russia participated in this fair with more than 1000 parents and students. Once again this year there was a huge uproar among the student community seeking admission to the best universities in Russia.

When choosing to study abroad, it becomes essential to have full, comprehensive and transparent information about the university and its facilities provided. And what could be better than getting your answers from the university officials themselves?

virtual fair in russia to study

Virtual Russian Education Fair 2021

Virtual Russian Education Fair 2021 brings together Russia’s top medical, aviation, engineering and management universities on one platform, where you can interact with them one-on-one.

The fair aims to offer students and parents the opportunity to interact with officials of the university of your choice on a live platform. The event also offers to facilitate students and parents with live chats, video lessons, virtual portal distribution, document upload, passport assistance, visa, loan, admission in online fee payment form along with the event to facilitate your convenience. .

During the fair arrangements have been made for you to spontaneously consult with highly experienced and reputable academic advisers, who will easily help you find your ideal university according to your individual choices, preferences and needs.

This year, more than 20 world-renowned universities with great virtue and remarkable experience will participate. The event would witness the esteemed attendance of some of Russia’s top universities like St. Petersburg State Aerospace Instrumentation University, Tomsk State University of Radio and Control Systems, the Pirogov National Medical Research University, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University, Vladivostok State. University of Economics and Service, Kursk State University, Moscow Polytechnic University, Orenburg State Medical University, Perm State Medical University, Mari State University to name a few only a few.

Parents and students can explore and learn about their options while interacting directly with university officials.

virtual fair in russia to study

University dialogues

The Virtual Russian Education Fair 2021, will also attend several webinars for University dialogues where the main job holders from the best universities in Russia and Rus Education would interact with you. These dialogues aim to answer all your questions and give you a deep understanding of the university and its services. This dialogue also helps to put an end to any assumptions you may have about your studies in Russia.

The Virtual Round Table

In addition to the dialogues between the university and parents, the directorate of education and leading actor in education and training of Russia, Russian House (Delhi), Russian universities and the directorate of Rus Education would participate. at the virtual roundtable with the sole objective of facilitating the process and improving the educational facilities for the students of India.

The discussion will feature Mr. Veremeenko Sergey (Honorable Member of Parliament, Russia), Mr. Fyodor Rozovsky (Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture, Russian Federation, India), Dr. SK Washim (President, Rus Education), Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor (Retired) (Vice President, Rus Education), Ms. Elena Barman (Head of Russian House Education Department in New Delhi), Dr. Dinesh Singla (Director, Rus Education), as well as the rectors and deans of the participating universities.

Who can participate?

All stakeholders who wished to continue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the best universities in Russia are cordially invited to participate in the fair. The fair is open and free for all students, their friends, relatives and guardians who are looking for authentic and reliable information and details regarding admission to Russian universities.

When to participate

The virtual fair will be held on the evening of June 19 and 20, 2021 between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (IST). During these days, several webinars, dialogues and virtual university tours would be organized so that students and parents have a deep understanding of academic and non-academic life at the university. Students and parents will also be able to attend the Virtual Round Table on June 21, 2021 at 2:30 p.m.

How to participate ?

Interested parents, students and guardians can participate in the Virtual Russian Education Fair 2021 by registering on the portal provided by clicking on Virtual Russian Education Fair 2021. Registration is completely free and open to everyone.

Do not miss this golden opportunity and increase your chances of achieving the life of your dreams. The Rus Education team anticipates your participation in the event.

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