“We will get there”: the new director of the French-language school board takes office


The French-language school board of PEI. has a new general manager.

Natascha Joncas started her new job Tuesday at the French Language School Board.

Born and raised in Quebec, she has a long experience in school management. She has served as Superintendent of the French Language School Board in the Yukon and the English Language Boards of Eastern Shores in Quebec.

Joncas said she spent her early days visiting some of the island’s six French schools and getting to know her new colleagues.

“I want to work with the province so that we have a common understanding because we can come together for the well-being and education of all students – French and English,” she said.

Joncas is aware of the current challenges facing French schools across the Island. These include a large number of English-speaking students attending the early years, she said.

“I applaud the parents who put their children in French school to find this culture and recover this opportunity,” she said. “It is difficult for them. They are English speaking parents who have lost a lot of their roots.”

“I think that with the community and with the parents, there is a lot of work to be done,” says Joncas. (Submitted by Natascha Joncas)

Helping Islanders reconnect with their Acadian language and culture is an absolute priority. She said she is ready to do the work to help improve this process in schools.

“I think with the community and with the parents there is a lot of work to be done,” she said. “But, we’re fine. We’re going to get there.”

Much of that will include building relationships with parents and teachers, she said.

Another priority goal as she begins her new role is developing a strategic plan for the board, Joncas said.

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