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As news of a Twitch hack exposed 125 GB of personal user data, a recent study by UK phone renovators Repair Outlet reveals the hidden cost of streaming apps cybercrime.

Combining data from Action Fraud with global research data on cybercrime in apps, the study found that app users lose around £ 183 per break-in, with users of the streaming site potentially losing £ 3.3million per month.

Typically, Twitch users seek advice on account security. 600 times per month, which could cost £ 109,800 per month.

While the data revealed in the massive leak may not have an immediate monetary impact, the personal data exposed could put other accounts at risk and, for streamers on the site, could have a drastic effect on the money it takes. they can generate.

More generally, Youtube is the most popular streaming application, with 6,000 searches per month, at an estimated cost of £ 1million.

Netflix is ​​the second most vulnerable app, with 3,900 searches for account breaches totaling £ 713,700 per month.

The most vulnerable streaming applications



Global Monthly Search Volume

estimated cost

Cost in USD




£ 1,098,000

$ 1,506,000




£ 713,700

$ 978,900




£ 695,400

$ 953,800

Disney +



£ 658,800

$ 903,600




£ 109,800

$ 150,600

Users of the app seek cybercrime advice 92,120 times a month, which means the global total could reach £ 16,857,960.

You can find the full data, along with some online security tips, in our original article here: https://repairoutlet.co.uk/blogs/news/the-state-of-app-security-report

Comment from Tom Peet, Director of Repair Outlet:

“Vulnerabilities in streaming services may not always have immediate monetary value, but it can lead to cybercriminals gaining access to your personal information, leading to further online frauds.

One of the most common mobile issues is the vulnerability of the operating system that can arise when your device is not regularly updated. This is especially important as your device ages, as some models may stop receiving updates.

Smishing has also increased to 700% in 2021, highlighting the serious risk for all app users of losing access to their accounts and losing money in the process.

Staying in control of your online security, practicing good password hygiene, and protecting your device with antivirus software is essential.

Comment from Ian Reynolds, cybersecurity expert at SecureTeam:

“It’s hacks like this that reinforce the importance of the very basic levels of cybersecurity that we still see big companies like Twitch not taking seriously enough.

The basis of cybersecurity password protection is two-factor authentication. For example, you will notice that this is applied if you try to sign in to your Google account on a new device.

If Twitch had multi-step authentication by default, the risk of vulnerable accounts would be much lower, giving users more confidence when interacting with the app.

These are very basic cybersecurity practices that businesses should already apply to prevent attacks from happening, not as reactive measures after a disaster has already struck.


UK fraud prevention agency Action Fraud reported the cost of social media and cybercrime via email to be £ 2.6million per year, or £ 183 per hack. Repair Outlet then calculated the cost per hack based on the number of people searching for app-specific terms around the world to calculate the estimated total monthly cost.

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