YNSITU, the portal for language courses abroad, will integrate professional training courses around the world

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A wide variety of training programs aim to prepare you for a trade, with durations ranging from several weeks to two years.

SPAIN, Feb. 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — YNSITU is a platform that helps students who want to travel to another country to learn languages ​​or study in an international environment. Students can search and compare thousands of courses offered by 1,086 educational institutions in 40 countries.

Every year, more than 2.5 million people around the world decide to travel to another country to learn languages, according to an international education publication StudyTravel. Until now, these students had no place to easily search and compare the large number and variety of educational resources for studying abroad.

If we add to language students those who decide to pursue higher (university, postgraduate, master’s) and professional studies in other countries, this figure rises to more than 6 million each year, according to UNESCO.

That’s why YNSITU is going to launch a new feature that will search worldwide for thousands of professional or professional studies in different fields such as digital marketing, graphic design, 3D animation, cinematography, design of video games, blockchain, programming, etc. In short, a wide variety of training programs aim to prepare students for a trade.

Additionally, since traveling to another country to study requires finding accommodation, students can also currently compare between 2,539 accommodation options available on the platform.

YNSITU does not charge any service fees or commission to the student and is financially supported in two ways: on the one hand by crowdfunding, i.e. contributions made by individual investors who thus become co-owners of the platform , and on the other hand, it obtains income from the educational institutions themselves, which pay a fee for each registration they receive from the platform.

In the words of its founder, Chema Pascual, “our mission is to promote international education by helping students around the world, making available to them in a single portal, the greatest quantity and variety of offers of international education which will be available at all times and facilitating access to them”.

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